Welcome to Our Bar and Restaurant!

Serving Mediterranean/Albanian cuisine is always a great complement to any important occasion. You can have it during a relative’s birthday, a dinner with business partners you want to impress or a romantic night with a special someone.

At Vila Ronel Bar & Restaurant in London, UK, we offer the finest Albanian, Italian, French,Greek and Spanish food that will surely tantalize your taste buds. Our dishes come at affordable prices, so you can enjoy a true culinary feast whether you are dining by yourself or with companions.

Once you enter our restaurant, you will immediately notice a warm and welcoming ambience and impeccably clean surroundings. You are also sure to receive prompt and courteous service from our servers.

Our Dishes

We offer authentic and freshly prepared dishes everyday. In addition, we regularly feature specialty dishes that use only the freshest ingredients. Our owner, guarantees that all our food captures the rich flavors of authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Our Wines

Accompanying our food are our impressive wine selections. We have many varieties of red and white wine, which go well with either our savoury or sweet dishes. Our skilled bartending staff can also concoct all your favorite alcoholic drinks.

Glowing Testimonials

“Really nice restaurant, amazing decoration, good food and very cheap! 5 stars!”

– Pedro Soares

“Very nice restorante. Good good Italiano. 5 stars!”

– Harzedine Boufroun

Our Menu